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Emotional drivers led to a successful cereal launch in Mexico

Updated: May 14, 2020

case study brief

A global food manufacturer wanted to co-create a successful cereal that would help women to manage their figure. COMARKA identified the best mix of cereal concepts (beliefs, benefits and features) during a 4-week online community. Three concepts passed to the quantitative stage and one was successfully launched.



  • Learn why Mexican women value their feminine figure, and what their beliefs and food choices are to manage their figure.

  • Learn key consumer beliefs about cereal, the most desired benefits, and most important ingredients to generate 3 successful product concepts.


  • Online Community with 30 women from Mexico.

  • COMARKA in-culture online moderation elicited the key emotional drivers of 10 product concepts generated by the clients. The clients took this information and developed 10 improved product concepts.


  • COMARKA ranked each co-created concept by its potential and provided recommendations to strengthen its appeal, credibility and uniqueness. Three concepts passed to a quantitative stage and one was successfully launched. This product maintains a strong position in Mexico.

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