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How to Engage Wealthy Mexicans

It is very challenging to recruit and interview wealthy Mexicans living in Mexico.  Security is of primary importance.  Drug cartels target the wealthy for kidnapping.  Financial topics are highly sensitive for them. Wealthy Mexicans need to be cautious about who they agree to meet, what they will share, and how long they will talk.   Interviewing wealthy Mexican people within their culture has special requirements.

Here are my top 5 tips to build trust and gain rich insights: 

1. Paint a picture about who you are.  Wealthy Mexicans trust the person, not the title. Introduce yourself beyond your occupation.  Say a little about your passions, and where you live. 

2. Let them paint a picture of what they love. Wealthy people follow their passions and love to meet others who share them. This builds rapport quickly and provides cues to their internal motivations. For example, a person who travels internationally often is more open minded; a person who plays golf has a high discipline in their life and businesses; a person who owns a non-profit is trying to positively impact the world. 

3. Assure complete confidentiality from the beginning to the end. Share your commitment not to share their contact information with anyone in your organization. This will make them feel more secure.

4. Show and maintain empathy throughout the interview. Wealthy people are cautious and rely on non-verbal communication to decide who they trust. If you love to take notes, you better take less, because note taking avoids eye contact and breaks empathy. Listen to them with your eyes and your body language.

5. Be concise when asking questions and finish on time. Wealthy people tend to be very efficient.   They value people who get things done efficiently. Key questions and careful probing will make them feel heard and successful.

BONUS TIP – In Mexico, it is common that men and women say good bye with a kiss on the cheek. When leaving, make sure that you quickly read if they are open for a friendly goodbye. If they are, then it means that you both have had a successful meeting.

If you would like to know more about how to conduct qualitative research with Mexicans, contact Isabel Aneyba at

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